Fast And Easy Steps to Clean Your Stove August 7, 2017

Of all the appliances in your home, the stove probably takes the most abuse and gets the dirtiest. Ironically, it’s also the one most people clean t

City Wide Maids Offering House Cleaning Services in Toronto July 28, 2017


City Wide Maids Services is your go-to for all house cleaning services. Our goal is to provide better, cleaner, and shinier homes in Toronto, Ontario.

How To Clean Your Microwave In Less Than 5 Minutes July 12, 2017

We’ve all been guilty of throwing something in the microwave without an adequate cover. The result is usually an unsightly splatter clinging to the

Tips For Cleaning Your Pantry June 9, 2017


Pantry area is the most common area in every house,  lots of stuff stacked here for the recipes you prepare in main kitchen and everyone in famil

Three Basic Tips for Furniture Cleaning May 31, 2017

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When it comes to cleaning, furniture items in the house are the trickiest. For one, there are specific instructions to ensure that the pieces don’t

3 Cheap Ways To Keep Your Living Room Interesting May 16, 2017


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Some Essential Home Cleaning Tips April 27, 2017


Love it or loathe it home cleaning is a necessity, and now and then we are confronted with a difficult job or interesting challenge in the home cleani

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Ever wondered how dry cleaning works and what really happens to your clothes when they visit the dry cleaners? Well here’s a little insight into the

Improving Your Home Can Be a Family Project April 3, 2017

Family improving home

How to Get Your Family Involved in Your Home Improvement Project We all want our homes to be neater and more organized, but it’s tough with kids

Emergency Plumbing : Dos & Donts March 14, 2017

Any homeowner who experiences a faulty sewage pipe or any other plumbing problem will know how messy and unpleasant the task can be to endure. It need