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The Family That Cleans Together Saves Together : Saving Tips by City Wide Maids

We have expertise in cleaning your condos, apartments, homes and town houses. We also clean commercial spaces, offices and restaurants. In fact, we will clean anything you want us to clean which requires thorough and professional touch. We have been called to deal with moving in and moving out cleaning, emergency cleaning, before and after party cleaning. Name it and we have been there before.

Our special training and several years of cleaning experience have taught us to deal with just anything type of cleaning. So, if you have cleaning chores that you want cleaned with perfect results reach us and we will deliver the cleaning you more than expect.

There’s always a cleaning fee involve when you call us for cleaning services, but it’s worth every cent you pay for it. We are highly professional and you can expect a cleaning result that will last for 7 days. Yes, you don’t need to spend a lot in order to enjoy a clean house.

You may have to do some light cleaning yourself in order to maintain the pleasant ambiance. These include making sure that the trash is in the trash cans and throw them when the trash collectors arrive. Keep the bed after waking up in the morning. Wash the dishes and not leave them overnight for cockroaches and rats to feast upon. Put back the things to where you got them and arranging the furniture after using them.

By doing these you will save one cleaning day or two. It means more savings on your part. You can use the extra cash to buy pizza or other things to serve as an incentive. This is also a good training ground for them to help with the house chores. What we’ll do when we come is doing the hard part. We remove the dusts and dirt all over the house. We clean the kitchen and toilet & bath, dining room, living room and bedrooms.

We’ll make all the furniture and appliances dust free and neat, including the glass panels, windows and glass sliding doors as well. Your carpets and floors will once more look clean and tidy. Dusts can cause a lot of allergic reactions and they also bring with them bacteria and viruses. We clean to restore the healthy atmosphere of your house.

To cap our entire cleaning task, we spray, organic and green germicidal chemicals all over the house to kill all germs both those which are on the surfaces and those that are still floating on the air. When you go home, you know you are now in the safe zone.

In the morning the drill begins again: keep the beds, throw trash properly, wash dishes, etc. Isn’t it nice to live in a clean house and you don’t even have to spend so much. It helps that we charge the most reasonable cleaning fees.

It’s easy to contact us. You can find us, City Wide Maids Toronto on the internet for the best Cleaning Company Toronto.

City Wide Maids Providing Cleaning Spaces and Creating Happy Faces

If you are looking for Full Time Maids in Toronto, in order to take care of all your Home cleaning needs, why not hire the best maids company in Toronto? City Wide Maids, a dominant Housekeeping and cleaning maid company that has been for years working to produce great accomplishments by providing residents throughout Toronto, with clean Homes and services by furnishing them with top cleaning service maids services in Toronto.

City Wide Maids are well versed in various forms of cleaning that are to be performed in different sections of your home. No job is ever too big for us and so we make it our number one priority to attain maximum customer satisfaction, helping you get best housekeeping services. Our maids are trained consistently in the various techniques and methods to make sure that no stain or dust ever remains in your home.Therefore we look for alternate resources to better improve our workflow and thus bring you maximum output. Our aim is simple, we are number one in consumer satisfaction and we want to maintain our position. Our company works on a strict policy, all of our maids undergo a thorough background check before they are employed. After the examination, our maids are trained by cleaning professionals in various methods of cleaning including vacuuming, washing, ironing and quick folding as well. The best part of our company is that we tell customers  before about all the necessary equipment which our maids will ever need in order to perform the task and therefore you, as a customer, only have to tell them what they have to do and they do it. it’s as easy as 1, 2, and 3.

City Wide Maids make your special occasions memorable for you. Customer satisfaction is what we are looking for when we work and making sure that you always obtain top cleaning and housekeeping service.

We’ll look forward to discussing your home cleansing needs at .

Deep Cleaning: There’s More To House Cleaning Than Just Removing Dust and Dirt

There are times you feel the need to have your house remodeled. You imagine that you need more space. Everything is so topsy-turvy.  Your family is growing and you have more things than before. There’s no way to make everything fit with the space you have at your disposal right now.  A house extension would be in order.  Your patio and garage are prime candidates which you can renovate for this purpose.

But then maybe not. Think again. May be what your house need is proper cleaning and returning things to their proper places.  The clutter – effect is very deceiving. It can transform your home space smaller. Added to that, cleaning and arranging will take much of your time.  We can help return your space to you. You’ll be surprised that they’re just there all the time, but hidden under all those disorders.

We at city wide maids Toronto also specialize in organizing the things in your home. While we go on with our cleaning, wiping the dusts and removing dirt from your appliances, furniture, floors and windows, we are trained in space saving technique. It’s simple really. It’s just keeping things where they belong. You won’t have a hard time in finding them because you will know where they really belong.

There’s no substitute in being systematic in keeping your things. They’re not only easier to find, you get back the space for better use.

One reason for too much clutter aside from being disorganized is keeping too many things that you have no more use for or are marginally useful. Why not call us and help you sort these things and dispose the ones that you need. A rummage sale will be a wonderful idea and then afterwards we can help you pack the rest for garbage disposal.

House renovation can be very expensive. If you really need it, then you have to do it. Our suggestion is that we do first the things that we proposed. You can save a lot by giving consideration to our suggestions. A few years from now your children are going to leave for college and you are left with too much space which requires a lot of cleaning.

If you feel that our recommendations have some merits to them, let us know and you can discuss with us what your plans are. There are several ways which we can do it and discussing them will lead us the best solution possible. We can include in your plan rearranging your appliances and furniture. I have seen the wonderful results of placing things in their proper places. They look very impressive and the spaces will start presenting themselves as we go along.

Cleaning is not enough. Arranging and putting things back in their allotted places is part of it all. Please keep us in mind, City Wide Maids, if you’re looking for numero uno cleaning service in Toronto, We have no gimmicks. We are committed to help you feel comfortable, happy and healthy. Call us right now and we will show you how.

City Wide Maids Offering House Cleaning Services in Toronto

City Wide Maids Services is your go-to for all house cleaning services. Our goal is to provide better, cleaner, and shinier homes in Toronto, Ontario. With our growing and updated portfolio, we assure 100% satisfaction.

We have a wide assortment of cleaning solutions and packages suitable for all types of needs and budgets. We customize our residential cleaning services to meet your unique demands and requirements. Busy homeowners benefit greatly from our services. We deliver results at your convenience without breaking the bank.

Here’s why you should trust us with your house cleaning needs:

Courteous and Professional Staff — Our maids and janitors not only have comprehensive training but professional, customer-centered work attitudes. You are our priority, and we strive to meet and exceed your expectations.

Versatile and Detailed Services — We present a wide array of cleaning solutions with varied features and pricing suitable for your budget.

Upgraded Cleaning Equipment and Products — We get the job done with upgraded and innovative equipment and products. We only use safe and natural products that deliver superior cleaning performance.

City Wide Maids Services sets the standard for the house cleaning services industry. Let us help you clean your home and enjoy a clean and healthy environment for you and your family.

Give us your contact details to discuss some of our updated service packages. Call us or fill out our online inquiry form.

3 Cheap Ways To Keep Your Living Room Interesting

1. Art
Art can spark a conversation; inspire creativity or simply change the mood of an environment. Art has an underlying intention to connect with people through human emotion and its because of this, that we all need a good piece to share!, a marketplace for handmade and vintage items, has a huge selection of low priced items that can be shipped worldwide. So why not try it for yourself? Its an added bonus when you find an item that is literally one of a kind!

art2. Books The coffee table book isn’t just a book, its a template off which your guests base their assumptions about you. So don’t mess this up and give someone the wrong impression. Make sure your guests see the sophisticated you by selecting titles from best sellers !

3. Board Games Monopoly. Scrabble. While everyone loves to play those classic board games every once in a while, they don’t bring the excitement to our faces as they once did because, well, they just aren’t new or interesting anymore. While not exactly a board game, Cards Against Humanity, has gained quickly gained popularity with its quirky game in which you challenge against your opponents in creating the funniest answers to truly random life questions.

This post was brought to you by City Wide Maids Toronto, One of the best house keeping and cleaning service in Toronto.

Do you require a local cleaner? Weekly Fortnightly or Even Monthly

It may be that you have found like so many that you no longer have the time to do your housework?

Many of us have Busy lives & lifestyles, More and more people find them selves working harder many are finding that they need to hold down two Jobs  or perhaps things are simply difficult may be you have had a fall or perhaps you are of from work with rest bite . You may even be recovering from surgery. 

Home cleaner may be the correct solution for your residence home   

Our job is to work  with you to find a balance

whether its to clean your flat ,house or bungalow from top to bottom or just give it that Hoovering thats needs doing or perhaps that bathroom that needs to be cleaned or some simple polishing . We have all the tools and equipment to make that dull room looking sparkling again .

Many find that a cleaner can really make the difference making your life easier and less stressful Many of our Existing Clients like to keep to a regular cleaner. Many of the cleaner duties we perform our listed below

Consisting of dusting,washing cupboard doors removing bins and Cleaning,toilets, vacuuming, cleaning bathroom floors, kitchen floors etc

Unlike many other House Keeping  companies we are purely based in plymouth and we are not a franchise  so you will expect us to go that extra mile for your money Along with our caring attitude and family business approach to your requirements

You will find we can accommodate for all manor of jobs

we are always here to help our customers and from time to time will clean the whole house as we go from room to room our first task will be to do a deep cleaning of your house or flat so it will  make it  easier for the regular cleaning and making  it more effective

Please Feel Free to ask any questions regarding house cleaning services in Toronto 

3 Most Popular Types of Cleaning Services For Everyday Homeowners

Cleaning your house and preserving a healthier living environment for yourself and your family can be stressful and time consuming – particularly for families with children and two working parents.

Occasionally it appears next to not possible to locate the time to make positive each and every aspect of your house stays clean. From window cleaning, snow removal, laundry and far more, your activity list of issues to do each and every week can be very overwhelming. Luckily there are services to aid you out.

If you happen to be looking to alleviate some of the tension connected with property cleaning and maintenance, you may possibly want to contemplate investing in some cleaning services. Right here are some of the most well-known cleaning services for today’s home owners:

1.Window Washing Solutions. Window washing is time consuming and physically exhausting. Some residences are less complicated than others (based on how several levels you have) but regardless of how higher your windows are, the process is really challenging. There are a number of window cleaning services in each location. They will take the function off your hands – all you have to do is pay them for it.

2.Maid Solutions. Home cleaning services are becoming a lot more and a lot more well-liked for today’s property owners. Many families are choosing to invest in a maid service to come clean their property after or twice a month. Cleaning services supply many packages and reliable organizations will make sure their personnel have gone by way of suitable background checks to make sure you can trust the person you are letting into your property. Fees for maid services vary depending on the size of your property, the frequency of the cleanings and the firm you select to employ. If you want to hire maids in Toronto – Hire City Wide Maids Toronto

3.Snow Removal Solutions. Removing snow from your driveways and walkways can be physically draining – especially for elderly men and women. Numerous men and women who have severe back difficulties and heart troubles dread getting to remove the snow in the winter. Fortunately, there are thousands of snow removal firms ready and waiting to do the perform for you. If you have wellness issues – or simply hate shovelling – we extremely suggest investing in snow removal solutions.

There are a quantity of other solutions accessible to aid you maintain your home. Sewer cleaning, paint removal, junk removal and furnace cleaning are all quite popular solutions for everyday homeowners. Sometimes, you merely want to step back and let other people do the perform for you. It is that straightforward.

Source:  City Wide Maids

Benefits of Residential Cleaning

There are many benefits of residential cleaning Services in Toronto, but not many people get enough time to clean each and every corner of their home un-regular basis. If you wish to keep your home clean, but do not get time to do so, it is always advised to hire professional cleaning services to get the work done. Read more on Residential Cleaning Services

Reaching every nook and corner of the house may not be possible when it comes to regular cleaning. Moreover, it can be a tiring, costly and stressful job to undertake, which may not interest many people. This is the reason it is always advised to get your home professionally cleaned to ensure that your family members get the best environment to live in. There are several reasons that residential cleaning is important, and here are some of them that you might want to consider.

Benefits of Residential Cleaning #1 Appearance

Needless to say, a clean home exhibits a new and fresh look that not just keeps your family members happy and healthy, but also help you impress your guests. Everyone likes to live in a beautiful and clean home. How would you like if creepy and crawling insects will spread all over your home and release bad odor? Would you like to live in a home with all kinds of dirty spots and stains hidden in different corners of the house? Regular professional cleaning ensures that you get a fresh and hygienic home to live in. It enhances the overall look of your home and makes it appear fresh all the time.

Benefits of Residential Cleaning #2 Impress Your Guests

Do you feel like a victim of CHAOS- Can’t have anyone over? A lot of people are not always ready or willing to take anyone home randomly. This can create a situation of embarrassment, as well as upset others in most cases. In order to avoid such things from happening, it is always advised to get your home professionally cleaned every month to ensure you can invite anyone in your home with pride and joy. You will definitely enjoy receiving amazing compliments on the upkeep of your home.

Benefits of Residential Cleaning #3 Mental Health

A home is where your family lives. The mental health of your children, pets and other family members should be utmost priority for you. When surrounded with molds, dirt, dust and clutter, it can be difficult to relax and feel comfortable. You might start feeling overwhelmed with constant thoughts of housekeeping, yet not feel like putting efforts to clean it. A clean home ensures you enjoy a peaceful stay at home rather than chaos. A clean and tidy home increases mental alertness, and encourages healthy atmosphere.

Benefits of Residential Cleaning #4 Physical Health

The condition of your home has a large impact on you and your family’s physical health. Surrounded with dirt, clutter, germs and bacteria can trigger lots of health complications in the family. Accumulation of bacteria throughout the house can make your family members ill and hamper their growth. Food poisoning and viral infections are most common among people who live in an unhygienic home. Uncleaned bedding, bed bugs, unhygienic kitchen as well as dirty corners, all of them need to be fixed if you really want to live a physically healthy life. A professional residential cleaning service takes care of everything when it comes to thorough cleaning of the home.

These were some essential benefits of residential cleaning that should encourage you to get your home thoroughly cleaned on a regular basis. So how can you get your house cleaned thoroughly without spending considerable amount of time over it? Well, there are many house cleaning services that you can consider to hire to make sure your family lives and breathe in a clean and safe environment. Even your toughest messes won’t have the chance to stand against professionals, so hiring a professional cleaning service ensures your home is cleaned thoroughly from every nook and corner.

A clean home will keep all kinds of physical and mental problems at bay as a tidy environment will keep away many pests and insects. The surfaces in your home will be free of allergens, sanitized and bacteria free. It will give you a peaceful mind and help you relax in your cozy home without any worries.

Benefit of choosing a professional cleaning service

The major benefit of choosing a professional cleaning service is to ensure that all those hard-to-reach areas in your home get the required attention. Professional house cleaning services can alleviate stress, give you plenty of time to spend with your family without costing a fortune. Hope these few benefits of residential cleaning will get you to take right actions at the right time.


Why Hire A Cleaning Company For Your New Construction Home in Toronto

A Cleaning Company Increases Value In Your Newly Built Home in Toronto

A Cleaning company for your newly built home after construction is an idea that you should embrace in case you will like to achieve the best value before you sell your house. For you to achieve that it is advisable for you to try and look for a company that has qualified experts who can help you. For you to identify the best company it normally takes time. Make sure your contracted company are experts, like City Wide Maids Toronto. In your research you should try and contact different people whom you will get their opinion about the services that they got from the company. In getting advice from other people who have ever been served by the company before you, it is necessary for you to try and compare different aspects such as the cost of the services and the quality of service that the company can provide. You can decide to carry out the cleaning services by yourself, but the following are benefits of contacting a company to carry out the home cleaning services in Toronto for you.

Hiring Cleaning Company Is a Smart Business Decision For Maximum ROI

In using a company that offers cleaning services you will achieve the best results. This is possible because in a cleaning company you will be served by highly qualified experts. The experts will know different detergents and cleaning materials that will enable them to achieve the best services. This will avoid you cases where you will end up making use of wrong materials that will end up reducing the value of your house and losing time.

Cleaning Company Will Help You Save On Cost

This will be possible where the experts will advise you on the best detergents and materials that are used to clean your house. This will enable you save on the cost that you will have used in buying different cleaning materials which are not necessary for your cleaning services. There are some machines that you may need for you to achieve in cleaning your new home. Instead of hiring the machines which will lead you to paying a lot in contacting a company. The company will come with its machines and carry out the work. This will save you money while you achieve the best cleaning results possible.

Professional Cleaning Company Will Save You Time And Money

Remember the experts will use the most appropriate methods to carry out the cleaning services. This is unlike guessing on the methods to use in different parts of your house. In case the house is big, it can really take time. In case you are a person who is too busy in your daily routine, it can end up inconveniencing you. By using a professional cleaning company, you can decide to concentrate on your business where you will be making profits while the company sends its professionals to work in your house or business.

For you to achieve the best in your house cleaning, it is necessary for you to try and search for the best company. City Wide Maids Cleaning is that company! For this to be easier for you, employ tips such as reading cleaning service reviews online about the cleaning company in which you are about to contact. You should also consider the period in which the company has been in business. City Wide Maids cleaning company in Toronto that has been in business for a long period of time is the best for you to consider after construction, before the sale, to increase your homes value.

Know How Regular House Cleaning Can Benefit You

You may want to know how regular cleaning activity can increases value of your home. It is important to clean house regularly to improve the overall look of your house. There are several reasons why you may want to clean your house regularly. Regular cleaning activity may bring many benefits for all homeowners. Many real estate experts recommend regular cleaning activity to all homeowners who want to resell their house properly. Here are some other benefits that you can get from regular cleaning activity.

Why do regular cleaning activities.



1) Makes all items look clean

The most important benefit that you can get from regular cleaning is that your interiors looks new.  You are able to make all items look clean from dusts. There are several recommended items that you have to clean everyday, such as frames, windows, doors, and many other things. All of these things should be cleaned regularly, so you can enjoy living in your house. This can improve the overall looks of your house and its interiors.

2) Reduce the population of pests

This is another reason why you may want to clean your house regularly. By cleaning your house regularly, you can reduce the population of several pests in your house. There are some pests that love growing in dirty house, such as rodents, cockroach, termite, ants, and some other insets. All of these pests should be eliminated from your house easily by cleaning your house regularly. This is the reason why you can increase the value of your house by cleaning it regularly. You can make your house become free from any types of pests. Some pests should be removed because they can cause health problems in some people.

3) Reduce allergy reactions

This is another reason why house cleaning is very important for all homeowners. Cleaning your house regularly can reduce any allergy reactions that may occur in some people. Some homeowners may suffer from allergic reactions caused by some allergens. Most allergens usually come from impurities, such as dusts, dirt, microorganisms, and many other things. If you are able to reduce your allergy reactions, you are able to feel comfortable when staying in your own house. Therefore, you can enjoy your staying in your house. It means that you are able to improve the value of your house for yourself.

4) Improve the comfort feeling inside your house

It is important to improve the comfort feeling inside your house. When you want to enjoy staying inside your house, you should clean your house regularly. Regular house cleaning activity can improve the comfort feeling in your house. This is another good reason why house cleaning can improve the overall value of your house. All homeowners always want to live in a comfortable house as It is very comfortable to sleep in clean bed, sit on clean sofa, and stay in a clean house.

5) Improves the resale value

When you are planning to sell your house, you should do regular house cleaning. This cleaning activity can improve the overall resale value of your own house. This is reasonable because most buyers want to buy clean house at higher price than the dirty houses. Many buyers are interested to buy a clean house. Most of them usually inspect their favourite houses before choosing the right one for themselves. There are some house inspection services that can help all buyers check their favourite houses.

Hire a Professional House Cleaning Service Company

If you want to clean your house regularly, you should hire professional cleaning service company. There are many companies that can help you clean your house without any problems. It is important to choose professional company that has good reputation among many customers. City wide maids services in Toronto is a reputed company that can help you clean your house easily and quickly. You can check our reviews and hire professional regular cleaning services in Toronto, Canada.