It’s That Simple, All You Need is 9 Essential Cleaning Products for Your City Wide Maids Toronto.

Cleaning your house requires special equipment and many types of cleaning products. At City Wide Maids, we use the cleaning products and equipment provided by our clients as people are often very particular about the type of supplies that are used in their homes. Most of all, using the cleaning products provided by the clients help us to make sure that the house feels and smells just like the client expects it to.

In many instances, if the members of the family are allergic to certain products or cleaning agents, using the products provided by the client can help to avoid any kind of allergic reactions among the family members. Also, clients like to know that the cleaning supplies and equipment used in their homes has not been used elsewhere, which is why client provided cleaning supplies make more sense. When you choose our home cleaning services in Toronto, here are some cleaning supplies that you should arrange in advance:



Cleaning Equipment: Our maid will require only simple cleaning equipment to properly clean your house. From cleaning the kitchen to the bathroom, cleaning equipment saves time and also adds a great degree of efficiency to the cleaning process. Along with the regular cleaning equipment in your home, we recommend equipment such as:

  • Bucket/Pail (alternatively, plastic garbage can),
  • A Floor Mop**
  • Vacuum Cleaner & bags  (alternatively, Broom & Dustpan) in addition to Eazy-off for inside the oven.
  • Wiper for removing excess water
  • Rubber gloves

*** We do not recommend sponge mops as they do not work very well on the floors. We recommend a microfiber string mop or Wet Swiffer.

Cleaning Products: The choice of brands of cleaning products it totally yours. You can choose them according to your specific needs and requirements. But the work of our maids will become much easier if you have some of these products in your home when the maid visits you. Some of these cleaning products are:

  • Glass Cleaner (such as Windex)
  • Furniture Polish (if you like it used)
  • Bathroom Cleanser (such as Spray/Liquid Vim or Greenworks)
  • Liquid All-Purpose Cleaner (such as Pine-Sol or Mr Clean)
  • Rough-Sided Sponges (for kitchen appliances & bathroom tiles)
  • J-Cloths or Cloth Rags (alternatively, microfibre cloths)
  • Paper Towels & Dusters
  • Dusters (i.e Swiffer dusters or duster wands)
  • Toilet bowel disinfectant and brush




To know more about the cleaning products and equipment that you need to keep in your house, you can give us a call at 416-363-6231 and our representative will guide you in the right direction. You can also schedule a cleaning appointment by giving us a call or by filling a simple form on our website. We provide our cleaning services in the areas near the TTC subway line. We look forward to hearing from you!