Do-it-Yourself : Odor Remediation

In the wake of fire damage to a home it is not only the appearance of the home that is damaged but also the environment inside is contaminated by the presence of soot and smoke. The smell is overwhelming and annoying to the senses and if any individual has a respiratory ailment he is going to be affected immediately. That is the reason why smoke and soot remediation steps need to be taken at the earliest to tackle this noisome issue. Despite of house cleaning and other measures adopted in certain instances the odor remains and homeowners then have to try and be innovative and use other methods to improve this situation.

There are certain household products which can be used effectively to resolve this state:

Circulation of Air: The first step is to allow the unrestricted circulation of fresh air into the home by opening all doors and windows. This will help to control and diffuse the odor from persisting in the house.

Baking Soda: A product as simple as baking soda which is easily available in most homes can be used. It should be sprinkled over the area from which the odor is rising and be left undisturbed over the area for a day. The next day a vacuum cleaner can be used to clean it up.

Vinegar: Tar marks are especially tough and resistant to removal. The use of vinegar which is rubbed on the affected area is surprisingly simple and effective in this situation. If there is an odor problem you can heat some vinegar and place it in a container. The resulting fumes will help to eliminate all smoke and odor smells from the area.
A few other simple measures for soot and smoke eradication are as follows:

There should be an adequate circulation of fresh air all through the home. A solution of water and vinegar can also be prepared and placed in a spray jar. This can then be sprinkled all over the areas where the odor is persisting. Vinegar by itself is an effective anti-odor agent which can be used to eradicate any unpleasant odors that maybe found in a home.

For a carpet to be rid of the smell of smoke it needs to be cleaned with a carpet shampoo which is easily available either online or at a hardware store. Another option could be the use of a solution consisting of ammonia and water that could be used to clean walls and ceilings of any odor that is present.

These are very simple methods which can be adopted by any homeowner to eliminate all annoying odors from his home. These are effective and save the expenses of hiring a professional who will undoubtedly be costly in his services. Besides being safe they are known to be successful in odor remediation.


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