Emergency Plumbing : Dos & Donts

Any homeowner who experiences a faulty sewage pipe or any other plumbing problem will know how messy and unpleasant the task can be to endure. It needs knowledge and experience to handle the situation and the best option is to contact an expert at the earliest in your area to carry out the repair and restoration work. As water conservation awareness is on the rise most people are keen to know about the dos’s and don’ts that must be followed in a plumbing emergency.

The following steps could be adopted:


  • If there is a leaky fixture or even burst pipes the best course of action would be to turn off the water mains supply to the home. This will help to prevent unnecessary flooding and wastage of water.
  • Remember that if you have a problem of frozen pipes use a blow dryer to gently thaw them bout not a direct source of heat such a naked flame as the pipes might split open due to thermal expansion.
  • All pipes that are exposed to zero or sub-zero temperatures should be insulated to prevent freezing and splitting.
  • Toilet leaks are difficult to detect and mostly are noticed when a homeowner received a water bill that has high costs. Therefore carry out periodic inspections and use food dye in the water tank. Leave it for an hour or two and then check it to determine if there are leaks in the bowl of the toilet.
  • Clean out sedimentation in a water heater on a regular basis to prevent clogging of hot water.


  • Never pour boiling water down a toilet unless you want cracks to appear in it.
  • Do not plant any trees next to or over a sewer line.
  • Do not throw any objects or items like sanitary towels, diapers etc. down a toilet bowl. These materials can lead to severe clogging and lead to sewer or toilet overflows.
  • Never dispose of fibrous material down a garbage disposer. Any fibrous material like onions, artichokes etc. can clog the blades and burn the motor out.
  • Avoid pouring any oil or greasy material down a kitchen drain as this could lead to blockages and do not ignore leaky fixtures as it could waste water, damage belongings and be expensive to repair later.

If you adhere to the do’s and don’ts given above the possibility of an emergency plumbing situation arising would be greatly diminished. It will also help you to save time as well as money.

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