Some Essential Home Cleaning Tips

Love it or loathe it home cleaning is a necessity, and now and then we are confronted with a difficult job or interesting challenge in the home cleaning department. So that is why I started this blog. To try and discover, share and talk about home and house cleaning techniques, that just MIGHT, make our lives a little easier.

So, whether you are a busy mom looking for house cleaning advice or just a proud home owner, hopefully you will find this blog of use.

We would love to hear your comments and thoughts and please feel free to share any home cleaning advice  you may have.

Top 10 House Cleaning Tips

Get a Plan

Yes, think about how you are going to tackle the home cleaning task ahead.

Target the Main Cleaning Tasks

There will always be essential tasks, such as cleaning the bathroom or kitchen or attending to the vacuuming. There are also tasks that would be nice to have done, such as emptying and tidying drawers etc. Focus on the essential tasks first.

Establish How Much Time You can dedicate

You will be surprised how much can be done in a short space of time. A little here and there, a stolen spare moment to wipe the kitchen surfaces, or run round with the vacuum. The odd twenty minutes here and there soon build up. If you get yourself a Home Cleaning Schedule and knock of the tasks when you can. Do not feel bad if you cannot stick to the schedule religiously. There will always be things or events that may get in the way. Just attend to what housekeeping cleaning you can, and try to make it a habit.

Share the Burden

If you have a family, then remember you are not alone. Teaching the kids to tidy as they go, put their clothes away and make their beds etc, will not only be good for you, but will teach the kids a valuable life lesson they can take with them. Do not forget, the older the kid, the bigger the task you can set them. A little bribery goes a long way to.

Start What You Finish

Do not get distracted once you start a home cleaning task. Finish what you have started before you move on to the next job.

Double Up and Multitask

Ever been waiting for other people or on the phone chatting aimlessly away. Why not wipe down the kitchen surfaces while you chatting on the phone. Pick up bits of laundry as you walk through the house.

Share with The Family

If you can set a side a couple of hours a week, then why not get the family involved. Make a list of the tasks that need to be done, then hand them out. Everyone needs to join in during that fixed period of time. You will soon end up with clean home in no time.

Deal with Spills Straightaway

If someone spills something, deal with it immediately. Not only does this help prevent staining, but by acting instantly the job is done without thinking.

Keep Dirt Out

You cannot help dirt being brought into the house, especially during winter or when it is raining. But you can attempt to minimize the dirt that is brought in, and therefore the amount of cleaning you need to do. Door mats, and boot scrapers are great for this. Remove dirty shoes and coats as soon as possible, and place them in a utility room, or space where wet clothes can be stored.

If you apply these simple tips, you will minimize the need for that Spring Clean or big annual clean. By doing a little each day, having a home cleaning schedule and maintaining your cleaning as you go, you will find that home cleaning will not get the better of you.

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