Frequently Asked Questions

What We Do...

Give yourself, a loved one or friend a break from housework by using the best professional cleaning service in Toronto. We specialize in cleaning houses, condos and apartments in Toronto.

  • We have experienced professional cleaners to clean your home.
  • We send one person to your home to clean as we offer a more personalized cleaning service.
  • Most people like to know what is being used in their home. They don’t want a mop, vacuum, cloths, etc. used in someone else’s home used in theirs. Therefore, we use your cleaning supplies.The result is outstanding service at affordable rates.

What We Offer...

  • We schedule cleanings on a weekly, bi-weekly, three week and four week basis. We also offer casual and one time cleans.
  • We book appointments for regular cleanings, deep cleanings, moving cleans, renovations, real estate showings, and so on.
  • We offer flexible, convenient appointments, meticulous, thorough service, and very competitive rates.

Recommended Cleaning Supplies To Have At Your Home…

  • Vacuum and vacuum bags
  • Mops & pail and broom (if needed). We do not recommend sponge mops as they do not work very well on the floors. We recommend a Vilidea string mop or Wet Swiffer.
  • J-Cloths (or rags) and paper towels
  • Duster cloths (Swiffer duster)
  • Liquid VIM, Mr. Clean, (or Pine Soil) and Comet
  • Windex and furniture polish
  • Toilet brush and scrub brush (if needed)
  • Other as you may wish us to use.

How Many People Do You Send To My Home?

We at City Wide Maid Service Toronto offer a more personalized service. We send one highly trained professional cleaning person to your home to clean. For weekly and bi-weekly scheduled cleans, you will have the same professional cleaner to your home to clean at the same time and on the same day. For three weeks and monthly cleans, we do our utmost best to send the same professional cleaner on the same day and time. For casual cleans or one time cleans, we match you with the best cleaner that suits your cleaning needs.

Do You Steam Clean Carpets?

We do not steam clean carpet; however we can recommend a great company to help you out with this type of cleaning need.

How Far Does Your Service Reach?

We currently serve the majority of Toronto with our boundaries stretching from HWY 427 in the west to McCowan Rd in the east and from Steeles Ave in the north all to the waterfront in the south.

How Do You Get Access To My Home At Time of Cleaning?

Many clients are not home at the time of cleaning. For those that are not at home, there are many ways you can let your cleaner in. For those who live in a condo/apartment, you can leave the key with security. For those who live in a house, please call our office and we would be happy to discuss options for letting the cleaner in. You can also provide the cleaner with a key to your home. We have a wonderful secure system in place to manage taking care of our client’s valued keys and keep them safe. Your key will be very secure with us. When your key is received by our office:

  • your key will be labelled with a reference number only.
  • your name and address will be recorded separately in our encrypted database.
  • your key will be stored in a locked storage cabinetthat is coded and filed.
  • when your key is needed for cleaning, it is “signed out”and “signed back in” by your Professional Maid.

What Forms of Payment Do You Accept?

We accept all forms of payment – credit card, cash, and cheque. Credit card payment: For credit card payment, it is taken at the time the cleaning service is booked but not charged until after the clean. Credit Card information will be taken by telephone and recorded in our encrypted database. You have our assurance it is safe and will only be charged following each clean. Cash and cheque payments: On the day of the clean please leave the payment on the kitchen countertop for your City Wide Maid to pick up. Please make cheque payable to City Wide Maid Service.

What Are Your Hours?

Office Hours: 8:15am – 5:00pm Monday to Friday. Cleaning Hours Monday to Friday:

  • Morning cleans are scheduled for an arrival time of 8:30am.
  • Afternoon cleans are scheduled for an arrival time of 1:30pm.

Cleaning Hours Saturday:

  • Morning Saturday cleans are scheduled between 8:30am – 9:00am

Please call our office to book a time slot. Depending on the size and location of your home, we may be able to make some adjustments to the above arrival times. Cleanings exceeding 5 hours must be scheduled for morning arrival.

Note: ** when extreme weather occurs or there are delays in transit start times can change slightly.  We do our utmost best to be on time but outside factors like weather and transit can some times change start times.

Why Choose City Wide Maid Service Instead Of A Private Cleaner?

For almost 40 years, City Wide Maid Service has been Toronto’s choice for maid service. A trusted provider in helping you with your cleaning needs. Our valued staff members are not sub-contractors but are employees of ours and our office personnel work very closely with them providing you with the assurance and peace of mind. What sets us apart? Our Professional Cleaners:

  • have been screened, selected and trained.
  • are bonded and have passed our test of professional cleaning abilities.
  • are professional in their mannerisms and are personal. All our staff speaks and communicates in English.
  • are covered by Workers Compensation, comprehensive liability insurance, and are legally employed and are eligible for all legal employment benefits – statutory holiday pay, vacation pay, employment insurance, etc.

The above are some of the advantages we at City Wide Maid Service can offer you over a private cleaner.

Do You Work Evenings?

We work Monday to Friday during the day with the last start time taking place at 1:30 pm. We also work weekends by appointment.

Do You Do Laundry?

We don’t do personal laundry but we’d be more than happy to wash your sheets and linens.

I Have Pets. Are Pets Okay?

We love pets and are happy to work around all family members.

What Happens If I Need To Reschedule/Cancel My Cleaning?

We try our best to work with our customers schedules and understand that things can come up and you need to postpone or cancel a clean. If this situation arises, we recommend you call us as soon as you know you need to postpone or cancel a cleaning. We charge a $ 35.00 fee for all cancellations with 24 hours of the scheduled cleaning time. For all lock outs we charge a $ 60.00 fee. This is to help cover the cost of the cleaners wages and travel time for the non-incurring clean.

Do You Offer Any Cleaning Guarantees?

City Wide Maid Service offers a 24 hour guarantee on all cleanings. If you are not satisfied with the cleaning simply contact our office within 24 hours of the clean. We take customer service very seriously.

Do I Have To Sign One Of Those Long Term Contracts And Do You Pre-Authorize My Credit Card?

Nope. Not with us! While other maid services make you sign long term contracts, take a pre-authorization of your credit card, may only accept one form of payment (credit card) and have an expensive cancellation policy fee, we do not! You can start and cancel your service with us at anytime at no fee and we don’t, repeat don’t pre-authorize your credit card.

Do You Steam Clean Carpets?

We do not steam clean carpet; however we can recommend a great company to help you out with this type of cleaning need.

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