Types of Molds in Home

Molds could be defined as being growths or formations that occur in the presence of water or moisture. They have a detrimental effect on human health and can be highly poisonous in nature. Molds produce mycotoxins which are potentially fatal to human physiology. Any area that is exposed to high humidity or moisture content for 48-72 hours runs the risk of being infected. Generally it cannot be detected by an unaided human eye in its early stages of formation so it spreads unchecked all over a home. People exposed to them are known to suffer from allergies, skin infections and respiratory problems. The type of mold is dependent up on  the surface upon which it grows.

Some of the common types of Molds include:

  • Penicillium: Mainly seen in stale food and other items that are eatable. Also found in vents and ducts of AC units and spreads when the circulation of air takes place. They have a very serious effect on the health of humans.
  • Btachybotrys or Black Mold: Extremely toxic in nature and found to thrive on moist walls and ceilings. They can be responsible for serious medical conditions like asthma and cancer.
  • Memnoniella: Mainly found on the surface of wood, cotton and paper.

If you detect the presence of mold in your home or office don’t hesitate to call our professional mold remediation team and they will first locate the source and then eradicate it along with the mold formation permanently.

The first step in elimination is to find the source or cause which could be because of leakage of water into the area which is giving rise to the problem. After it is found the problem is resolved immediately so that it does not recur later. The next step is to eliminate all traces of moisture as even the minutest levels can cause mold formation. For this specific purpose specialized commercial humidifiers are used which remove moisture and humidity completely from the area.

The next step is to remove all mold spores by scrubbing and using specially formulated solutions so that there is no possibility of mold formation in the area. The area is cleaned thoroughly using detergents, hot water and brushes and then dried again so as to eliminate all traces of moisture. An antiseptic solution is sprayed on the surface to eradicate any leftover mold spores that may regenerate.
Always remember that mold formation can lead to severe health issues in the home and to resolve any such issues you can call the mold remediation experts to eliminate the problem at the earliest. They take adequate safety measures such as wearing masks, protective eye glasses and the right type of clothing to safely eradicate the problem. As they have the right type of training and equipment it is recommended to let the professionals deal with the task at hand.

Do not attempt it on your own as it could endanger your health and safety. Professionals use precautions when dealing with them such as gloves, masks and safety goggles. If you do come across an infestation situation you can contact the nearest mold remediation service and they will promptly come and deal with the situation at hand.

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